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What’s a Haiku?

A 'haiku' is a 3-line poem:The first line contains exactly FIVE syllables. The second line contains exactly SEVEN syllables. The third line contains exactly FIVE syllables.How have we done in summarizing these songs and albums? Could you describe them even better, and in more detail, using this format?

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How well does each haiku describe the album/song/film/book? Please give each haiku a vote out of 5...and if you can do better, please leave a better haiku in the comments!

Category 'Suede'

Suede (Coming Up, 1997)

Bernard Butler leaves;
Band sign up young guitarist
Who fits in with ease!

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Suede (Suede, 1993)

Britpop meets Bowie –
Homoerotic lyrics
Don’t stop it rocking.

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